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Cyd's Sexy Spreads Week 13

Note: Every week, I pick games against the spread on the Michael Irvin Show on ESPN Radio, and I'm putting them on our blog.

After getting the Raiders right last week, I'm a little emboldened with picking big underdogs this week, so take my Thanksgiving-day picks with a grain of salt. Here's hoping for a few great games on the holiday! (My picks in bold.)

Tennessee Titans at Detroit Lions +11
The Lions are a terrible team. Maybe the worst ever. But we have seen them pull off upsets at home on Thanksgiving. The Titans, for their part, haven't won any of their last five games by 11 points.

Seattle Seahawks +12.5 at Dallas Cowboys
Terrell Owens exploded last week for over 200 yards; and the Seahawks' pass defense is even worse than the Niners'. But I don't think the Cowboys are totally out of the woods yet, and the Seahawks do have a number of their offensive stars back.

San Francisco 49ers at Buffalo Bills -7
Niners coach Mike Singletary is the biggest turkey in the NFL, mooning his own players and throwing people under the bus, and now he tries to be the first West Coast team to win an early game on the East Coast this year. With Trent Edwards playing better, that's not going to happen.

Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots PK
Matt Cassell will be sending a good part of the day on his butt, but so will Ben Roethlisberger. In a must-win game for the Pats, and Willie Parker probably on the sideline, I'll take the Pats at home.

New Orleans Saints at Tampa Bay Buccaneers -4
Saints corners Randall Gay and Jason David played their asses of Monday night; that won't happen again.

Last week: 4-2. Season: 36-27-2