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Prop. 8: One small act of payback

Having been totally bummed all day about Prop. 8 passing here in California, this e-mail from a friend gave me a laugh and some hope. She and her husband, Bill, are dear friends and live in Southern California:

Today was street-sweeping day, and as often happens, some of our neighbors forget to move their cars to the other side the night before, so on our morning walk, we always ring their doorbells to get them up so that they won't get a ticket.

Well, when we got to a new neighbor's house at the far end of our street, Bill was struggling to get through their locked gate when I noticed a "Yes on 8" sign in their window and pointed it out to him. He immediately stopped struggling with the lock, and we walked on home.

Later, when Bill heard the street-sweeper, he looked out the front door and was pleased to see the homophobe getting a ticket. I know that is no consolation to you, but I thought I'd pass it along just to let you know how upset we are about that poisonous Prop. 8.