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Seeing the wheels fall off in Cleveland

Week 14 of the NFL provided some atrocious games for a lot of AFC football fans this week. Pittsburgh made Matt Cassel look like the inexperienced kid he actually is and not the god that passed for 1000+ over the last few weeks. The Jets suddenly looked very mortal when the Broncos bullied them into submission. The Bills and Chargers both had their playoff dreams all but wiped out. The Dolphins continued their "playing to the level of the opponent" style, and barely beat the awful St. Louis Rams by 4. And then Cleveland...

Oh, Cleveland. Last year, they were approaching respectability. They finished 10-6 and came within a tiebreaker of winning the AFC North. Yesterday, everything offensively was going wrong for them, Kellen Winslow went down with an injury and Braylon Edwards and Jamal Lewis were all but non-existant. Despite all that, they went into the fourth quarter with the lead, thanks to their defense holding Peyton Manning and the Colts down to only 3 points. They seemed poised for the upset, and then the wheels fell off completely. Derek Anderson got sacked and fumbled and DE Robert Mathis returned the fumble 37 yards for the eventual winning touchdown. And if that weren't bad enough, D.A. went down with an MCL tear a few minutes later and is reportedly done for 2008 and in all likelihood done in Cleveland completely since you-know-who is waiting.

So next week the Dawg Pound gets to cheer for Ken Dorsey as their new starter. And yes, that's the same Ken Dorsey that QB'ed for The U for their national championship in 2002 and the one they got robbed of in 2003 (tOSU fans can kiss my ass, that was not pass interference). Anyway, Hurricane Ken gets to hold the steering wheel for the last 4 games of the disasterous '08 Brownies campaign.

Also, unless Romeo Crennel can pull a rabbit out of his hat, ESPN is reporting he's going to be out on his ass. Possible replacements are all the usual suspects: Marty Schottenheimer, his son, Jets OC Brian Schottenheimer, Mike Mularkey, and Rex Ryan. Though rumors are floating around Northeast Ohio that Randy Lerner was seen personally building Bill Cowher a mansion made entirely out of money.