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Brady Quinn punched in face by teammate

If true, it's a crime against beauty -- Cleveland Browns coach Romeo Crennell won't confirm or deny that injured quarterback Brady Quinn was punched in the face by defensive lineman Shaun Smith in the team's weight room. Various reports say Smith hit Quinn with his fist or with a weight. If true, it would be the hardest hit Smith administered this season.

"If it happened, we're keeping it in house," Crennel said. This sounds like it certainly did happen and at least one player, Darnell Dinkins, confirmed there was a fight and that Quinn's face was marked. The coach did reveal that Smith got into a confrontation with another player at practice recently. Smith was on the Browns' inactive roster Sunday and Crennell would not say whether the player was hurt or if he sat for other reasons.

Quinn has been inactive since breaking his finger and few weeks ago and he has been wearing a splint ever since (see Quinn with his splint). If Smith did punch Quinn, it was the act of a coward to hit a guy who can't fight back. No way Smith is a Brown after this season.

I see three possible reasons for Smith whacking Quinn:

  1. He is jealous of the player Outsports named the NFL's hottest in 2007 (and who will be on my 2008 list).
  2. He is an Obama supporter upset that Quinn endorsed McCain-Palin.
  3. He is a jerk with anger issues who likes hitting people who are injured.

Of course, on every website that has this, the usual Quinn-gay innuendo is all over the place.

Hat tip to Pro Football Talk, where I first saw the item.