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NFL helping Cowboys into playoffs?

Here's the latest sports conspiracy theory, courtesy of Dallas Morning News columnist Tim Cowlishaw: the real reason the NFL moved Sunday's Dallas Cowboys-Philadelphia Eagles game to 4:15 ET is to help the Cowboys into the playoffs.

For the Eagles to still have a chance at the postseason, they need Tampa Bay to lose, and also need either Minnesota or Chicago to lose. The Oakland-Tampa Bay, Chicago-Houston and NY Giants-Minnesota games are all set for 1 pm ET starts. Thus, barring some unexpected results (does anyone really think Oakland can win at Tampa Bay?) or games that take so long that at 4:15 they're still up for grabs, the Eagles will warm up for their game, learn that they've been eliminated, and be so demoralized that they'll fold like a cheap tent, allowing the Cowboys to easily win their way into a Wild Card slot.

Of course, the Eagles could also be so angry at their loss at Washington -- when they went into the game knowing that all they needed to do is win that game and beat Dallas to get into the playoffs, yet turned in an abomination of a performance -- that they might well be even more motivated to put an end to the Cowboys' season. Misery loves company, they say. But who doesn't love a good conspiracy theory?