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Tom Brady is off the market

Sad news for those of you in love/lust with injured New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady -- unless you're supermodel Gisele Bundchen, that is. TMZ reports that Brady proposed on Christmas Eve, and Gisele accepted. According to TMZ's sources, he proposed in front of her parents as they were flying to Boston from Teterboro Airport in New Jersey on a private plane. Champagne and four dozen white roses were on board.

I'm sure I speak for everyone in wishing the happy couple a long and prosperous marriage. Gisele already has Tom...well, let's just say he's well-trained. He's willing (as the video TMZ posted here shows) to carry her boxes, with a bum knee and ice on the sidewalks. He's also good at picking up her mail. And all the while he's harassed by paparazzi calling him "errand boy." Gisele would be a fool to let him get away now.