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Boycott the BCS

Thanks to the BCS, I've lost interest in college football over the last five to seven years. In the mid-Nineties, it was my favorite sports; Now, I keep a passing interest in it. The problems with the BCS are so deeply well-chronicled, I won't get into them here. But this is the first year I'm personally taking some conscious action: I won't watch a second of any of the BCS games in my own personal BCS boycott. And I encourage everyone to boycott the BCS bowl games as well. There are plenty of other bowl games to watch; And I hope people will support those bowls. But I won't watch a second of the Fiesta, Rose, Sugar or Orange Bowls, or the (quote-unquote) "National Championship Game."

I hope you'll consider not watching or attending, either. Hitting them in the gut with reduced ratings is one of the few ways we can make our voice heard.