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The new U.S. swimsuit

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phelpsx-largezzz.jpgThe all-body swimsuit is one of the great abominations ever invented by man. I understand their use in a competitive sense, but in a visual sense it’s just all wrong.

Speedo is unveiling its line of ultra-sleek suits to be worn by U.S. swimmers at the Olympics and Michael Phelps is jazzed by his, according to USA Today:

When Michael Phelps flies off the block in the new Speedo Lzr Racer this weekend at the Missouri Grand Prix meet, he will be racing in a bodysuit he's spent the last two years helping develop with his coach Bob Bowman.

"It's true I've never worn a faster suit than we're about to wear," Phelps said. "It's definitely going to change a lot of records in the record books."

Speedo claims this product has 10% "less passive drag" than the Fastskin launched before the 2004 Olympics. The ultra-lightweight fabric is water repellent. Welding allows a seamless fit. The Lzr is the first suit Speedo developed with NASA.

"It's like a spacesuit," Phelps said. "When people are traveling through space, they're going ridiculously fast. That's what it feels like to me."

He might go fast, but he simply doesn’t look as hot as he does here. –Jim Buzinski

Hat tip to Outsports contributor Matt Hennie. Check out his terrific blog about Atlanta gay sports.