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Dressing as Hitler bad idea

hitler.jpgAustralian soccer player Andre Gumprecht, who was born in Germany, is in hot water after dressing up as Hitler during a celebration.

Gumprecht wore his costume as part of a "Mad Monday" celebration to end the season. He will be disciplined after Jewish groups complained.

Gumprecht, 33, attended a post-Grand Final ceremony on Monday for his Central Coast Mariners team dressed in a khaki military uniform and mustache to resemble the former German dictator.

Hitler was such a monster and for a lot of people, it's a very sensitive thing to be confronted with," Ernie Friedlander, a spokesman for the Jewish community group B'nai B'rith, told Australian newspapers.

Football Federation Australia chief executive Ben Buckley said he would be seeking an explanation from midfielder Gumprecht, who also runs a sporting academy for children. Such behavior is not only stupid, but is also not tolerated by the FFA," Buckley said in a statement.

Another player, who went in black face, reportedly mimicking Morgan Freeman as God, is also in trouble. These players should have taken their cue from teammate Brad Porter, who made the safe choice and dressed only in a loincloth as Tarzan. --Jim Buzinski

Hat tip to Fark.