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Supermodel news: Tom Brady, Carol Alt

bradybriefs.jpgNews is heating up that New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will soon be a model for Calvin Klein. Reports Page Six of the New York Post:

MOVE over, David Beckham - Tom Brady may soon strip to his skivvies. Calvin Klein Inc. is in talks to turn the hunky Patriots quarterback into an underwear model. LA private eye Paul Barresi says the company is "confident that Brady will blow the competition out of the water."

“Tom Brady” and “blow” in the same sentence will certainly spark sales among Outsports readers! I wonder if this will be a new Calvin Klein underwear line called “CK 18-1”?

In other supermodel news, Carol Alt is truly standing by her man. Husband Alexi Yashin went from playing for the New York Islanders to joining a team in the Russian league in Yaroslavl, a grimy industrial town of 650,000. It’s part of trend, the New York Times reports, of Russian hockey players deciding to play for Mother Russia.

That three-hour ride up to Yaroslavl after a 15-hour flight after shooting all day long — not fun,” said Carol Alt, Yashin’s wife and a New York-based model, looking a shade too glamorous even for Yaroslavl’s one upscale hotel, where she was dining with her husband.

Although bothered by the city’s remoteness and the long distance from her husband and more than a little indignant over the limits of her celebrity in this Volga River city of about 650,000, Alt along with Yashin remains generally optimistic about hockey’s future here.

Being a supermodel certainly has its hardships. –Jim Buzinski