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Why I want New England to win. Seriously.

I've been conflicted ever since Lawrence Tynes kicked the New York Giants into the Super Bowl (after nearly kicking them out of it) against the undefeated New England Patriots.

As much as I'd like to respect the Patriots' quest for perfection, I despise how they've gone about their business -- the arrogance, the cheating, the running up the score, the report from the New York Post that three days before the AFC Championship Game against the Chargers, the Patriots filed papers with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to trademark "19-0" and "19-0 The Perfect Season" -- and how their increasingly irrational fans have responded. On the other hand, the Giants are the Giants. A New York team with New York fans. As a fan of the Philadelphia teams, the idea of New York fans having something to celebrate is disgusting. The only worse Super Bowl matchup this season would've been Dallas vs. New England.

Finally, this morning, I resolved my conflict. Listening to some of the commentary on TV and radio about the latest Spygate developments, it dawned on me that even if the Pats win, even if they achieve their 19-0 perfection, they are forever tainted. They will never get the respect they think they deserve. Like Barry Bonds (and now Roger Clemens), they'll always have a figurative asterisk hanging over their heads, even if that asterisk isn't literally in the record books.

If the Pats were to lose, their fans would have something to really complain about, while if they win, as much as they try to enjoy it they'll still get hysterical at the mere mention of words such as "Spygate" or "cheating." If New York wins, Giants fans won't suffer at all! It would be a monumental upset, a glorious and historic victory, and we simply can't have that. So only a New England win can make me a little bit happy. Go Patriots! -- Joe Guckin