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Don't cry for me Lexington ... well, maybe a little. Just don't let anyone see.


Ok, I'll come clean: I'm a message board junkie. And few are more entertaining than the one for the University of Kentucky, named aptly Cats Pause.

You see, UK fans have had a tough year. After a mediocre start, the team finished 12-4 in the SEC and squeaked into the tournament. Suddenly, Lexington started romancing coach Billy Gillispie and seniors Ramel Bradley and Joe Crawford.

But the post-Marquette loss discussion made us giggle a little more. And one in particular.

This thread, titled "Ok, admit, who cried" started things:

"After such an up and down, emotionally draining year, the tears started flowing when it looked like we were going to come up short today. Seeing Joe (Crawford, who scored 35 points) crying didn't help one bit either" -- Blue Blood 22

Then this response from another fan:

"No, I didn't cry. I understand that you're passionate about UK bball, dude. I am too. I really understand, but man up a little. There are way more important things in life than winning an NCAA tourney game against Marquette" -- CatOfDaVille

And then the fun begins! After the jump, the cat scratch fight on tears ... all over a first-round loss .

Here's one from a UK fan none too happy:

"Ummmmmm, this is a BASKETBALL Board, dude.........what do you expect??? And, obviously, you are not very "passionate" about UK basketball" -- Beach Cat Fan

Oh snap! It's getting nasty!

"So, I'm not passionate because I didn't cry that we lost a first round game as an 11 seed? Geez...I'm really sorry. I cried when my grandmother died. I cried when my little girl was born. I will never cry over a basketball game that I have no personal control over" -- CatOfDaVille

But then, this one that took the cake!

"I lost it at 1:04 to go, thinking that shot Joe made might be his last ... And for all those folks that think it is "unmanly" to cry--yeah, right. Men that are comfortable with their feelings, and secure enough to express them openly, are SEXY. That goes for Coach G too" -- Annie Cat

There it is - the capper! Tears = sex appeal! Damn: Maybe that's why I haven't had any dates lately.

Hey guys, um, uh, I've been pretty sad about Portland State's loss. Anyone wanna console me? -- Sean Jackson