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Tiger loses; Goosen rubs it in

Yes, there are haters even in golf. Tiger Woods lost his first PGA match since September 3. That was almost seven months ago. He finished two shots back Monday morning in the rain-delayed completion of the final round at Doral. It seems there's always some two-bit golfer ready to pile on when Woods loses (and, in Woody Austin's case, even when Tiger wins). On Monday, it was loser Retief Goosen gloating at Tiger's loss:

"As players, it's nice to see somebody else lift a trophy for a change," Goosen said.

Goosen's got a whopping six PGA Tour wins in his second-rate career. Oh, and Geoff Ogilvy won the event. For some reason, I like Ogilvy. He seems like a cool cat and he knows when to keep his mouth shut. I guess that's the difference between Australians (Ogilvy) and South Africans (Goosen). -Cyd Zeigler jr