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Better to kiss than fight

andrewx.jpgChicago Bulls coach Jim Boylan had a novel way of showing player Andres Nocioni all was forgiven.

Andres Nocioni was standing in front of a media throng after practice Monday, apologizing again for his outburst Saturday toward interim coach Jim Boylan, when Boylan snuck up from behind and planted a wet one on Nocioni's cheek.

''Noce and I are going to have a fight later on,'' Boylan said, smiling. ''If you keep your cameras rolling, he and I are going to go two out of three. We're going to go old-time wrestling. Bruno Sammartino vs. Hulk Hogan.''

Boylan is 18-25 as the Bulls' interim coach and he wants "interim" taken off. Two days earlier, Nocioni was kicked out of the locker room after shouting at Boylan. He seemed contrite after Monday's practice. "What I did was absolutely wrong,'' Nocioni said. Nothing was said about the kiss. --Jim Buzinski

Hat tip to Ross Forman