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Joe Alexander sleeps in the locker room

Joe AlexanderCan't get enough of Joe Alexander? We don't get to see him in action again until Thursday when West Virginia, the team that sent Duke packing, will face Sweet 16 draw Xavier. In the meantime, the NY Times has profiled the intriguing, basketball-obsessed star who has caused many to take a second look.

Last season, he started sleeping three nights a week on a blue leather couch in the Mountaineers' locker room. No sheets or blankets, just team-issued sweats. He figured out a way to unscrew the safety lights that hang over the pool table in order to make it dark. Although he lives only a few minutes away in an off-campus apartment, Alexander likes to shoot by himself late at night. When asked why he sleeps in the locker room, he offered his favorite kind of answer - a simple deadpan one: "It's close to the court."

--Ryan Quinn