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Joey Harrington cut

joeyh.jpgOutsports readers have always had a soft spot for quarterback Joey Harrington going back to his days at the University of Oregon. A lot had to do with the fact that he is considered pretty hot and a lot to what seemed like a great personality and his ability to play the piano.

A lot also had to with the way he faced Fox bozo sideline analyst Tony Siragusa in 2004 when he took shots at Harrington's masculinity. "Why am I not his kind of guy? Because I was cordial in a production meeting? Because I tried to be articulate? Because I smile when I play? Because I enjoy myself out there? Because I'm not a ‘Billy Badass?’ " Harrington said.

On the field, though, Harrington has been pretty much a bust, first with Detroit, then Miami and then last season with Atlanta; in his career, he has thrown more interceptions than touchdowns. Now Harrington is looking for a job after he was cut by the Falcons. Harrington is not yet 30, so expect him to be in some NFL camp this summer on a team looking for a backup. --Jim Buzinski