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He's no Brett Favre

rodgers.jpgGotta love Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers' message to fans over the weekend: "I'm not Brett Favre."

I haven't exactly hidden my distaste for Favre on this Web site. I've never forgiven him for beating the Patriots in the Super Bowl some years ago. I had been hoping the Patriots would have been able to send him into retirement with a smackdown this past February (but I'm also thankful that Favre didn't get the chance to claim his last win as a Packer against the Patriots, too).

But the bigger reasons I've never liked Favre are many: His awe-shucks press conferences that always rang as fake to me; his penchant for ignoring coaches and throwing ill-advised passes at the absolute worst time. The best quarterback in NFL history? With the record for most interceptions thrown in NFL history, I call him the most overrated.

So what to make of Rodgers' statement that he's "not Brett Favre"? While fans are probably worried, there's certainly reason for optimism. They now have a quarterback who's coachable, a good coaching staff, and a young team ready to be molded. I'm actually excited to see what they can do without the gunslinger. -Cyd Zeigler jr.