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How many tell-all books will Canseco write?

Jose Canseco's second tell-all exposé of MLB's steroid culture hits the shelves today and the media is shamelessly parading him around as if he's breaking some salacious news story. I'm in full support of discussing the harmful and underexposed issues in sports (which steroids certainly is), but Canseco, who is clearly swinging for the fences publicity-wise, has already has his say and can't seriously have anything of value to add to this discussion. This is like a pro athlete coming out of the closet only after he retires and then trying to claim A-Rod made a pass at him, or wanted his trainer's number, or that he poked someone in the butt in a bathroom stall. Please, get over yourself. If you had any courage you would have told your story when it mattered.

We know there are performance-enhancing drugs in baseball, just as we know there are gays in baseball. Sadly, current professional players are the only people who won't admit either of these facts, and until they start coming forward with their stories we're stuck with self-promoting former players looking to take advantage of their past errors. --Ryan Quinn