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The NHL (not) on Versus

Tonight after I got home from softball and post-game drinking :mrgreen: I turned on Versus to check out the New Jersey Devils-New York Rangers playoff game. Instead of hockey, there was some sort of rodeo event on the screen. I thought maybe something happened to delay or postpone the game. I switched to ESPN and saw the score update. The game was going on -- so why wasn't it on Versus? When I switched back there was a crawl on the bottom of the screen: "Due to broadcasting restrictions Versus is not permitted to televise the NJ-NYR game in your local market."

Ummm, hello? My local market is Philadelphia. Why a game featuring a New York team and a North Jersey-based, wanna-be New York market team would be blacked out in Philadelphia is completely beyond my comprehension -- unless, of course, this was just another pitiful error by Versus, the network people often can't find, even if they want to, which they usually don't. -- Joe Guckin