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Gym Sportsbar opens its "locker room"

gymbar_april18_lowres.jpgNew York's most favoritest gay sports bar, Gym Sportsbar, opened in April 2005; and on their third anniversary this weekend they are (finally) able to unveil their much-anticipated downstairs space, lovingly labeled "the locker room." The VIP party is Friday and it's open to the public as of Saturday.

Gym has been the most popular bar in Chelsea since it opened, and its owners have supported just about every gay sports league in the city. It's a great example of a community rallying around a business and the business giving back to the community. I must say, I'm rather biased toward Gym; it's been my favorite gay bar since it opened. They have the friendliest bartenders, sports are on the TV every hour of every day, and the owners (namely Nick Leonard, Hal Gilenson and Rick Schmutzler) have been BIG supporters of (and participants in) the New York Gay Football League.

If you're in New York City this weekend, go check out the new downstairs locker room. And if you're not, remember it for your next trip to Chelsea. -Cyd Zeigler jr.