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Rangers' jerk causes in-season rule change

Sean Avery may be gayer than Jim Buzinski (at least in Jim's opinion) but he's also one of the most obnoxious players in the NHL. He was at it again on Sunday night during game 3 of the conference quarterfinal series between Avery's New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils. During a 5-on-3 Rangers power play Avery stood in front of Devils goalie Martin Brodeur and was waving his stick in front of Brodeur's face, apparently in an attempt to block Brodeur's vision. A close-up view is about 1:19 into this YouTube clip:


In response, Colin Campbell, the NHL director of hockey operations, said in a statement that such an action, by Avery or anyone else, will now draw a two-minute unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. The rule change is effective immediately.

Moments after his antics, Avery scored on the power play, but Brodeur got the last laugh as the Devils won in overtime. -- Joe Guckin