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Hawks focus on hair, not Celtics

smith_mohawk1_blog.jpgIn Game 1 of their NBA playoff series, the Atlanta Hawks were embarrassed in front of a national television audience. In their first playoff series in nine years, the team suffered a 104-81 blowout on the road in Boston.

But I’m not talking about that embarrassment. Take a look at the new haircut Josh Smith was sporting on Sunday. A Mohawk. Um, yes.

The new hairdo flopped about as much as Smith, who struggled throughout the game (as did everyone except hottie Al Horford), picked up two quick fouls and sat the entire second quarter.

The Mohawk was a response to Hawks coach Mike Woodson shaving his head for the playoffs. But Smith’s cut looked homemade and it was difficult to discern on TV exactly what he was attempting.

“We’re calling it the Atlanta Mohawk,” Smith said, laughing. “As you can see, it didn’t take us long to come up with that one. Actually, we talked about doing something like this as a team, but I knew [Josh Childress] and Joe Johnson] weren’t about to do anything crazy to their hair.”

It’s tough for a gay man to give this advice, but here goes: How about a little less focus on the hair and a little more attention for the on-court performance. Otherwise, this is going to be a quick sweep for the Celtics. --Matt Hennie

Matt Hennie writes the gaytlsports blog, focusing on sports in Atlanta.