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Taking in the NBA on a Friday night

I got to watch three NBA Playoff games tonight, and I have to agree with something Jim said a few days back: The NBA Playoffs, for some reason, are so good. Watching the Sixers dismantle the Pistons was fun, but not nearly as fun as meeting up with Joe in Philly and Canmark right afterward and getting to be the one to tell Joe that his beloved Sixers won in a blowout (he had chosen to take in Xanadu instead of watching the game).

The game of the night for me was the Spurs' massacre of the Suns. The series was supposed to be this great matchup, go all seven games, blah blah blah. Instead, the spurs have taken control and look poised for another visit to the NBA Finals. Watching them pass the ball, shoot the ball, steal the ball; I just can't see any team in the West staying with them. The Suns hadn't lost three games in a row all season until their series against the Spurs. A Spurs-Celtics final intrigues me a lot more than the Lakers and anybody else. -Cyd Zeigler jr.

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