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Alexa Rodriguez attacked by hawk

A girl on a field trip to Fenway Park got buzzed by a red-tailed hawk on Thursday. The girl's name: Alexa Rodriguez. Think the red-tailed hawk is a Red Sox fan?

The girl's fine, despite the hawk drawing a little blood from her scalp. The hawk has been nesting in the park and even has an egg in its nest. Make that had. They've removed the nest and the egg. Neither the hawk nor the nest nor the egg were any real threat to any patron of the park. Yet they removed it. They say the egg wasn't "viable" (which I imagine is an easy way of avoiding animal-rights attacks), but it makes me sad. When 30,000 fans become afraid of a bird, and the bird loses its home and offspring because of it . . . it just doesn't sit well with me. -Cyd Zeigler jr.