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Study looking for non-straight coaches

This came in last week from Pat Griffin of It Takes A Team. If you're a non-heterosexual coach (or former), definitely contact the researcher; we can't get enough of this kind of research going.

Looking for Non-Heterosexual Coaches for Research Study

Are you interested in participating in a research study examining female collegiate coaches work experiences with regard to their sexual orientation? If you are a current or former NCAA Division 1 head coach who identifies as non-heterosexual, we are interested in your perceptions and experiences working in the college athletic environment. For the purpose of this study, we are exploring the workplace experiences of non-heterosexual women head coaches. The study only requires that you identify as non-heterosexual and are a current or former NCAA Division 1 head coach. You are not required to be open in your work environment about your sexual orientation.

The study will include one 60-120 minute interview. All communication will be kept confidential. The distance between you and the researcher will determine the interview method. If you are interested in learning more about this study, please contact Amy Sandler at Your inquiry does not commit you to the study. It simply indicates your desire to learn more about the study as you make your decision whether or not to participate.