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Who cares if you can pronounce his name

My favorite sport, by just a little, is football. I grew up on it. Baseball was in the background and Colorado, where i originally hail from, didn't even have a team until my freshman year.Jeff and Tom So it gives me great pleasure when I can write something in my baseball blog that has anything to do with football without Jim yelling at me for impeding upon his turf.

One of the hottest college football players from the 2006 season was a tall wide reciever from Notre Dame named Jeff Samardzija. He was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the '06 draft and decided not to play two sports, even though he would've been drafted by an NFL team probably in the 2nd or 3rd round.

I just ran across not only his website, but I also found this hot pic for you. Unbelievably hot. Jeff is the tall one and the other guy in the pics is a Notre Dame Fighting Irish safety, sure to be drafted this month in the NFL draft named Tom Zbikowski. Can we say threesome? --Brenton Metzler