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Obama knows gay fashion

abercrombie_fitchd.jpgThere is an interesting article on Reggie Love, 26, a former Duke basketball player, who is Barack Obama's "body man" on the campaign trail. In this capacity, he has probably spent more time with Obama the past 15 months than the candidate has with his wife.

He makes sure that Obama gets up on time in the morning, gets in the shower and has breakfast. He makes sure he has his daily briefing books and list of fundraisers or super delegates to call that day. He makes sure he gets to bed at night.

In between, he does a thousand other tasks that busy presidential candidates cannot do for themselves. ...

The pressure is intense. He and other staff members are surrounded by hundreds of press members, so the fear of accidentally saying something to damage the campaign is real. Even seemingly trivial things get reported.

For example, earlier this month Obama, Love and other staff members went to the back of the campaign plane to challenge members of the press to a game of Taboo, a word-association game.

Players offer clues to teammates to get them to guess words. One of Love's clues, "where gay people buy clothes" was reported by dozens of news outlets. Obama guessed Abercrombie & Fitch. The answer was The Gap.

The Gap? A&F is a much more accurate answer, meaning Obama at least knows a subset of gay men and their fashion choices; or maybe he just likes the store models. --Jim Buzinski