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NBA: Finally, a road team wins

manua.jpgThe San Antonio Spurs beat the New Orleans Hornets, 81-72, to win on the road in Game 7 of their NBA playoff series. It was only the third win by a road win in 25 conference semifinal games. The star of the game was the uber-hot Manu Ginobli (right), who had 26 points for the Spurs.

San Antonio now heads to Los Angeles to meet the Lakers in the conference finals. The Lakers will be favored, but the Spurs are the defending champs and they won't go down easily. My pick: Lakers in 7, with Laker center Pau Gasol being the difference. In the Eastern finals, I will take Detroit over Boston in 6. The Celtics have looked rather average in beating woeful Atlanta in seven games in Round 1 and hanging on over Cleveland in seven in Round 2. --Jim Buzinski