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'Sex and the City,' the lesbian sports angle

cnixonx.jpgDon’t tell those sports-loving New Yorkers this, but Cynthia Nixon doesn’t much care for sports. In fact, she doesn’t even own a television.

And she calls herself a lesbian? Her partner, though, makes her watch. You gotta love couples.

This tidbit is courtesy of a Q&A with Nixon in Sunday’s New York Times Magazine. And you thought you’d be safe from “Sex and the City” references in a sports blog? Well, it is a gay sports blog.

Nixon, one-fourth of the celebrity ensemble that made HBO’s “Sex and the City” such a hit, is out pitching the movie of the same name, which opens May 30. It’s only a matter of days before gay men start lining up outside theaters to get a ticket.

Here’s what Nixon had to say about partner Christine Marinoni (right photo) when it comes to sports:

Does she watch sports on TV? She does. We don’t have a TV. But when there was a World Cup, we went to the local Ruby Foo’s and watched it. And we actually did watch the Super Bowl as well. She tried to explain it to me.

There are whispers, by the way, that the pair will wed sometime this year in a quiet Vermont ceremony. --Matt Hennie

Matt Hennie writes the Gaytlsports blog in Atlanta.