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NBA retro Finals

Twenty-one years after the last time Bird and Magic met in the NBA Finals, the green and yellow will meet in the Finals. It's been talked about since mid-season when the Lakers got Gasol and they started streaking. One of the things I find nice is that, because these two teams haven't been there against one another for so long, the media hasn't had the time to overkill the matchup the way they have with the Sox-Yanks and Pats-Colts.

Who's going to win? I have no idea. These are two very good teams with star players. The Lakers have been playing great basketball for the last couple months, and the Celtics have been looking better and better every series in the playoffs. With all the terrible officiating these playoffs (and there was more of it Friday night), I just hope the Finals are what everyone is hoping for and that the team that plays the best is the unquestioned champion. Oh yeah, and it'd be nice if that team was wearing green, too. -Cyd Zeigler jr.