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Dodgers breaking down gender stereotypes?

This is for all the men out there. Guys, have you ever wanted to experiment with makeup, but were afraid to go to a store and buy something because you thought you'd look unmanly or that people would laugh at you? If so, do I have news for you! You can pick up some free lip gloss and still maintain your masculine image.

All you have to do is buy a ticket to the Los Angeles Dodgers' home game on Sunday. The first 25,000 fans through the gates will receive Mother's Day Lip Gloss courtesy of Smashbox Cosmetics. That's the first 25,000 fans -- of any gender, not specifically female fans.

There are many giveaways targeting specific demographics. Lots of items are given to children 14 and under. This past Sunday the Phillies, for "Mother's Appreciation Day" -- since they're on the road for the actual Mother's Day -- gave pink visors to women ages 15 and older. I'd like to think the Dodgers are blazing a new trail here. Remember, guys, you don't have to make up a story like "It's for my wife" when they hand you your lip gloss. Enjoy! -- Joe Guckin