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Eagles' guard a Sexy Single

This week the Philadelphia Daily News unveiled its 6th annual Sexy Singles. From over 500 entries submitted by family members, friends or the prospective singles themselves, 30 men and women were named by the paper as the sexiest singles in the Philadelphia area.

The group includes three personal trainers and a fitness gym manager (who's gay, by the way; his profile states the type of man he's looking for). There are no less than six employees of local TV and radio stations, undoubtedly providing lots of free promotion for the paper on their stations. (Or does it really mean that a full 20 percent of beautiful single people work for TV and radio? We need a demographics study, stat!) Also named a Sexy Single is Philadelphia Eagles left guard Todd Herremans (pictured). No word on whether Herremans submitted his own name or if someone else entered for him.

What is Herremans is looking for in a mate? "A relaxed good time...I don't like women who always need to cuddle on you 24 hours a day. I need girls that have their own life going on. Easygoing."

On a "favorite single" poll at Herremans is currently in 7th place among the men. The gay guy is in last place with just 9 votes. Ouch.

Here's his Sexy Single profile; there's also a video at the site. It's not a YouTube video and I can't seem to embed it. -- Joe Guckin