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More on Hot Hats

Yes, the flat cap, aka paddy cap, newsboy cap, Gatsby cap and other names. has been borrowed just yesterday by the hip-hop scene and and the porno scene. But it has been around a long time, and in other settings it sends a message of tweedy "establishment" and "older guy." It has been basic country head-gear in Britain for a couple of centuries, where you'd find it on English gentry, Irish horse trainers and Scottish golfers. Immigrants brought it to the U.S. Among our own horsy set, the paddy cap is gradually giving way to the cowboy hat, even at venues like the Kentucky Derby...but you still see it around the barns. In golf it's giving way to the baseball cap, but you still find it in some pro shops. I'm not surprised that Ralph Lauren chose the flat cap for the U.S. men's team. They probably wanted to send both fashion messages -- traditional and hip, as a statement about our society. And a porno photographer's stylist might put a paddy cap on a naked model to hint that even the establishment guy can have a wild moment of dropping those well-pressed trousers.