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Gay sites are loving the Olympics

Every two years, we're blessed here at Outsports with a flood of traffic during the Olympics, and this year is no different. It's great to see so many gays and everyone else taking such an interest in sports; and other gay sites are getting in on the act. Over at AfterElton, Jim and I wrote a "Gay Viewers Guide to the Beijing Olympics" that Jim and I wrote for AfterElton. AE's sister site, AfterEllen, has also been on the ball, having pointed out to us a couple lesbian athletes we didn't know about.

Towleroad had a ton of coverage of and links about the opening ceremonies; I'm sure he'll be back at it on Monday.

OhLaLaMag is following the Olympics with a daily post or two, and they are leaning heavily on swimming and hot athletes (not that there's anything wrong with that).

John Amaechi and Jeff Sheng are blogging from Beijing.'s sports blog seems to be covering both men and women at the Olympics.