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Boudia and Finchum 5th in hot event

Americans dive to 5thSynchronized platform diving partners David Boudia and Thomas Finchum finished a very respectable 5th place Monday in what is one of the summer Games' hottest events. The American pair showed poise and confidence and appear ready to compete for individual medals next week, when they dive against openly gay Aussie stud Matthew Mitchum. Check out this interview with Finchum talking about how close he and Boudia are. I'm just sayin'.

The Chinese pair won the event, making it 2 for 2 for China in the diving events. If any early pattern has emerged in these games, it's the stark contrast between the diciplined, synchronized style of the Chinese (displayed in the Opening Ceremonies, diving events, etc.) and the more individualistic style of the western athletes. The Chinese divers look like machines, almost in synch with their breathing and blinking. You never see them smile. I certainly don't expect any of them to come out of the closet. But they're leading the medal count, and that counts for something.