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Cat fight in synch diving

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The British synchronized diving team of Blake Aldridge and 14-year-old Tom Daley was hoping to contend for a medal last night. Instead, they finished dead last. It seems they blew up at each other before their final dive when Aldridge got on the phone to talk to his mother (yes, moments before their final Olympic dive). Daley reprimanded his diving partner, swearing at him, and Aldridge fired back after the event was over.

"I wasn't on the top of my game but I outdived Thomas today, and that's not something that normally happens," Aldridge said. "That to me is because Tom had a lot more pressure on him than I did."

Daley has been the posterchild for British gold-medal hopes in these games. And while he still has the individual events to contend in, a last-place finish wasn't a good way to start.

Now, Daley's father is saying that Aldridge's future as his son's diving partner are over ... which underlies the problem with having a 14-year-old on your Olympic team.

Hat tip to Scott T.