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NBC falters with Track & Field

Thanks for the women's marathon, but what about everything else?...And they were doing so good. NBC, which has offered unprecedented live coverage of Swimming and Beach Volleyball (as well as 17 other sports live online), is dropping the ball with Track & Field. The coverage of the woman's marathon, shown live on the east coast tonight, was fantastic: nearly start to finish live coverage of what was an exciting race. Yet the 100m dash occurred over twelve hours ago and NBC is pretending like we don't know what happend. I mean, the Chinese government doesn't even censor the airwaves this diligently. Why not show the races live in the morning and then show them again in primetime with all the "enhanced" coverage NBC thinks adds so much value? We've reached an era in sports broadcasting where the only value is showing things live as they happen. Imagine if the Super Bowl was held in Beijing (okay, this metaphor begs a lot of other questions... but still), we'd just watch it in the morning instead of tolerating a 13 hour delay, right?