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Dear NBC: Enough with Phelps

And you thought swimming had finished. Wrong again! NBC is touting this on their prime time schedule Sunday:

During its prime time Olympic broadcast tonight, NBC will air an in-studio interview with Michael Phelps, his coach Bob Bowman and, in the last of the three segments, his mom Debbie. Phelps and Bowman discuss and analyze the most memorable moments of Phelps' historic eight gold medals in Beijing and the strategy and preparation that led to his historic accomplishment. They also take a look at Phelps' swimming future. Then, Phelps and his mom Debbie discuss Michael's childhood and the motivations that prepared him to become the greatest Olympic swimmer in history.

I had not realized that Phelps was the only athlete competing. How silly of me. I realize his accomplishments are historic, but leave this kind of segment for the late night show or the "Today" show. In addition, Phelps isn't the most charismatic of athletes on dry land (in the water, he is something else). His most-used line has been: "I am at a loss for words." Then why keep interviewing him?

This is not a knock on Phelps but on NBC's obsession with him. I guess I can understand since he has been boffo for their ratings and has added millions to NBC/GE's bottom line. But enough already. Show us actual athletes who are competing now, not ones whose events have ended. NBC is showing this season's Super Bowl in February; bet they find a way to squeeze in a Phelps segment during the pregame.