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Some viewers feeling Olympic fatigue

I've chatted with a couple people who say they have Olympics fatigue: That after a week of watching the Olympics every night, they've tired of it. I can understand it. The first week was so extravagant with the opening ceremony, and so dramatic with Phelps' chase, that this week has so far seemed a bit of a downer.

I thought it was odd that track & field had the 100m on the first weekend of the event. Maybe they always do that, I don't remember. But having track's biggest draw pass with seven days of competition left; I'm not sure that was a good idea for keeping interest.

There are still some great, exciting events ahead: The 200m finals, the Redeem Team looking for gold, more gymnastics. But with so much of NBC's coverage and the rest of the media vested in Phelps, with his story complete, I can understand why some are feeling a bit of an Olympic downer this week.