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Phils' gay night doubly successful for a change

A surprising thing happened tonight at Citizens Bank Park. It was Gay Community Night at the Phillies.

That's not the shocking thing. Tonight's event was the 6th such event.

I had a brief word with Larry Felzer, one of the organizers of the event and longtime friend of Outsports, who informed me that they sold 837 tickets, an amount which surpassed the number of seats originally alloted.

That's not the shocking thing. It's been successful every year. I don't think they've ever sold fewer than 700 tickets.

No, what was shocking was that, for the first time on a Gay Community Night, the Phils actually won the game.

Of course, they only beat a minor league team masquerading as the Washington Nationals, a team with the worst record in the majors that has now lost 11 in a row. And they trailed 4-1 and only had 7 hits the entire game, but shoddy Nats defense helped the Phils tie the game, and Jayson Werth's 8th-inning homer provided the winning run.

I'm not sure if the local right-wing protest group showed up outside the gates, as they have in previous years (I'm not even going to mention the group's name -- why give them any more exposure?) but no longer can they celebrate the fact that the Phils have always lost on Gay Community Night. Sucks to be them, huh? -- Joe Guckin