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'Flying Fish' and other athlete nicknames

I enjoyed this item, courtesy of Juliet Pyles, on some the nicknames the Chinese have given to high-profile Olympians.

LeBron James - Basketball - USA
Chinese Pronunciation: she-ow who-on dee
Translation: Little Emperor
Explanation: Translation of English nickname "King James"

Carmelo Anthony - Basketball - USA
Chinese Pronunciation: tian gua tee-ann gwah
Translation: Sweet Melon

Michael Phelps - Swimming - USA
Chinese Pronunciation: fei yu fae yu-u
Translation: Flying fish

Shawn Johnson - Gymnastics - USA
Chinese Pronunciation: mee-nee
Translation: Minnie Mouse

Roger Federer - Tennis - Switzerland
Chinese Pronunciation: nai-niu nye nee-oh
Translation: Milk cow
Explanation: For the cow he received from the Swiss public after he won his first Wimbledon title