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Ocho Cinco IS Ocho Cinco

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad Johnson has had his name legally changed to Chad Javon Ocho Cinco. He told the team's website, "It's something I don't think anyone has ever done before. Have I ever had a reason for why I do what I do? I'm having fun."

The speculation is that it's a marketing move. Can "Ocho Cinco" paraphenalia be far behind?

This comes after Johnson -- ummm, I mean Ocho Cinco -- tried to get himself traded from the Bengals by threatening to sit out, then showed up for camp, then had bone spurs removed from his ankle, then suffered a torn labrum in his left shoulder in Cincinnati's second exhibition game.

According to several media reports the name change became official this week in Broward County, Florida. I'm just pleased that the change went off without a hitch. For a change, there was no hanging Chad in Broward County. -- Joe Guckin