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Who will light the Olympic cauldron?Time to set aside speculation about vice-presidential running mates and Green Bay Packers quarterbacks. The real question this week is who will light the Olympic cauldron in Friday’s Opening Ceremony? The final torchbearer is always a closely guarded secret -- and occasionally produces a spectacular moment (if you don’t remember the archer who shot the flaming arrow at the Barcelona games in ’92, check out the video). So, who’s it gonna be? I’m betting it won’t be the Dalai Lama. The AP tapped the rumor mill last week and came up with this:

Chinese media reports have speculated that the cauldron will be lit by a fire-breathing dragon or phoenix. Others say the ceremony will have five torchbearers who set ablaze a cauldron shaped like the five interlocked Olympic rings. Another guess involves basketball star Yao Ming, saying he will hold aloft in his massive hands a child who survived the May 12 earthquake that rattled Sichuan province, with the child tipping the torch into the cauldron.

The Yao Ming thing sounds dangerous. My money is on the flame breathing dragon.