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No more Dane Cook curse

The Curse of Dane Cook has claimed one final victim: Dane Cook.

Last year I wrote about MLB's TV commercials featuring the annoying comedian/"actor" bellowing about how "There's only one postseason...there's only one October!" Of the four ads I saw that touted specific teams, three backfired as those teams' fortunes plummeted. The Brewers went into a freefall, rebounded to regain the NL Central lead and then flopped again. The Mariners lost 13 of 14 and collapsed in the AL West, and the Mets...well, you know their story already.

Well, once again there is only one October, but this year the commercials star "October Gonzo," who is supposedly a blogger on baseball's official blog site, Seeing as how there were no posts from "O.G." (pictured) before July 2008, it's pretty clear the guy in the ads is an actor and a PR person is doing the writing. Still, there's that much less Dane Cook on my screen and for that I'm grateful. -- Joe Guckin