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Dirty Dozen: Sooners on top

In mostly lopsided set of victories for the top teams in the land, a couple notable teams managed only a scoreboard three-spot: Auburn, Ohio State. In a game I didn't watch, but wish I had, Auburn squeaked out a one point victory over Mississippi State. In a game I did watch, but wish I hadn't, Ohio State played a West Virginia-style flop by getting thoroughly embarrassed in Los Angeles. With the Buckeyes, Sun Devils, and Kansas all losing, this week's Dirty Dozen gets all shook up.

1. Oklahoma (3-0, Last Week #1) -- Bob Stoops may have been one of the last coaches to shake Tyrone Willingham's hand after a dominating performance in Seattle by his souped-up Sooners. Anyone watching this game knew after Oklahoma's first drive that the Huskies were in trouble. So long, Ty, it's been great having you on the sidelines!

2. USC (3-0, Last Week #2) -- If there was any doubt the Trojans wanted to beat Ohio State and prove this is their year, the point was made with glorious vengeance. The Buckeyes will point to the fact that Chris Wells was out for the game, but a championship team should be able to rely on more than one player. Tip of the hat to Pete Carroll who has developed the winning formula against Big Ten teams over the past 12 years.

3. Florida (2-0, Last Week #3) -- Florida had the weekend off to prepare for Tennessee. What did the Gators learn from watching the 35-3 Volunteer victory over UAB? Half an ice filled cup of bourbon and the other half with Pepsi makes one fine drink.

4. Georgia (3-0, Last Week #4) -- It took a whole lot of good fortune, but Georgia pulled out a close one in Columbia. Even with the victory, Georgia has no time to celebrate. Racking up 252 yards of offense is pathetic for a top-5 team. Next week's game against Arizona State figures to be much more difficult, even if the Sun Devils appear a bit dusty after this weekend's loss to UNLV.

5. Missouri (3-0, Last Week #5) -- Last week I wrote that Missouri would drop 52 points on Nevada. Chase Daniel must've read my blog and wanted to prove me wrong as he helped lead his Tigers to a 69-17 win. Watch next time as he attempts to lead Missouri to a 100 point victory!

6. Texas (2-0, Last Week #7) -- Hurricane Ike, 1, Texas 0.

7. LSU (2-0, Last Week #8) -- LSU will be studying Mississippi State's game plan to learn just how to Auburn to 3 points.

8. Wisconsin (3-0, Last Week #9) -- The Badgers were pitiful in converting third downs (3-13). That stat better improve or Michigan might rack up a conference victory at Wisconsin's expense in the Big House next weekend.

9. Auburn (3-0, Last Week #10) -- Ummm ... really? Three points. One field goal. No second-half scoring? Almost tripling Mississippi State's total offensive yards and only gaining one more point than them? Seriously? Why did I even put Auburn in the Top 10? Oh, yeah ... Kansas & Ohio State lost.

10. East Carolina (3-0, Last Week #12) -- Working in the Pirates favor right now: Losses by the supposedly better "Big 6 Conference" teams. It doesn't matter the win was by only 4 points over Tulane; the Pirates move up two spots.

11. South Florida (3-0, Last Week n/a) -- As predicted, the Bulls trashed the Jayhawks' hope of consecutive undefeated seasons. Why big-name teams will play the Bulls on the road beats the heck out of me as the results are always the same: Loss for the traveling squad.

12. BYU (3-0, last Week n/a) -- Wow. Either Brigham Young is really, really good this season or UCLA just *#@@# it up like @#$#@ #%@%*$ $%#$%%@@!