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Misguided quote of the week

I read this in the paper the other day. Jacksonville Jaguars running back Fred Taylor was talking about the AFC South: "Our division, I think, is the best in football regardless of what people say about the NFC East. I don't think the NFC East can match up against the AFC South teams when you put things on the line.''

Let's take a look. In the NFC East the Giants and Cowboys are both 3-0. The Eagles and Redskins are both 2-1. Over in the AFC South, the Titans are 3-0 but the Colts and Taylor's Jags are both 1-2 and the Texans are 0-2. That's a combined 10-2 for the NFC East and just 5-6 for the AFC South.

It's still sort of early, although 3 of 16 games is equal to 18.75 percent of the schedule -- so almost 20 percent of the season is already done. But I'd say the odds favor a team from the NFC East and not the AFC South reaching the Super Bowl. In fact, both NFC Wild Cards may come from the East for the third year in a row. The AFC South is more likely to be represented by the division winner and the division winner only. Sorry to burst your bubble, Fred.