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Matthew Mitcham's bum inks new deal?

Matthew Mitcham's bum may soon be adorned with assusieBum. Fresh off of signing a management deal with Grand Slam International, speculation is swirling that the gay Aussie diver might ink a deal to become the new face and bum of aussieBum.

With our ear close to the ground, word has trickled back that Mitcham is very close to signing on to be the new face and, well, bum of swimwear and underpants brand aussieBum.

aussieBum was started by Sean Ashby in Sydney in 2001 with $20,000 savings. Last year they revealed that they ship about 1,000 orders a day. “We were fortunate enough to meet Matthew prior to competing in the Beijing Olympics,” Ashby has said. “Everyone in the company watched Matthew dive. To witness this man winning gold was a moment we will talk about with great pride – an Australian who chose to believe in himself.”

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