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Gay marathoner on Survivor Gabon

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It seems most seasons of Survivor feature at least one gay person, and this season, taped in Gabon, is no different. Charlie Herschel is a lawyer in New York City, a marathoner and a runner, and quite popular in these parts. He's a fun-loving free spirit who seems to charm everyone he meets. I met Charlie a couple years ago at a little dive bar named Shag here in Chelsea; it's since gone the way of Matt Leinart's starting job in Arizona. He actually sat there while I talked about my partner for 20 minutes; Now that's patience! My guess is he'll do very well: He's smart, cute, in good cardio shape, and my guess is he'll charm eveyone there the way he does in NYC. I saw one interview in which Jeff Probst pointed to Charlie as one to watch. Which means he'll get booted next week.

We have a story with Charlie; the season premieres on Thursday. A video interview with him after the jump.

Charlie talks about being on the show, and boy is he excited:

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