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D&G's shameless use of Italian rugby jocks

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You just gotta love those ad execs at Dolce & Gabbana. They’ve enlisted five rugby players from the Italian National Team for a new D&G underwear ad campaign that was shot in Paris. They will be pitching several D&G styles, including Skin Sensation, 24 Fit, Sport Camp, Olympia, Fresh and Highlight. There's a link to a D&G video of the players after the jump.

It's in this "temple of Sport" that Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana created the new D&G Underwear Adv Campaign, with five Italian champions and photographer Randall Mesdon.

Sergio Parisse, Denis Dallan, Ezio Galon, Andrea Masi e Gonzalo Canale are the athletes D&G chose to represent the contemporary man and his lifestyle.

The impressive bodies sculpted through dedication, discipline and physically strenuous trainings, make them the perfect models for a new ideal of beauty that is healthy, clean and masculine.

Randall Mesdon enhanced the statuesque lines of their body, the very same body which is that of real-life gladiators , scarred by strong encounters with worthy opponents. Because it's the fight, but also the utter sportsmanship with which it is carried on, that makes Rugby one of the most fascinating and captivating disciplines out there.

Watch a video from the ad campaign that comes complete with hunky players parading in their undies and a few crotch grabbing moments, too.

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