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Portrait of QB Young as suicidal?

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So, maybe, the Texans weren't that stupid when they bypassed Vince Young in the 2006 draft. Vince Young got booed pretty heavily during the Titans opening week upset of Jacksonville, but that's to be expected when you throw two interceptions. The story starts to get weird right around here. When the Titans got the ball back, Young didn't come out onto the field.

Some bloggers and other media personnel are speculating that Vince tried to take himself out of the game and had to be talked back onto the field by Jeff Fisher. If this is true, then Vince is apparently psychic, because 4 plays later, he got injured and had to be helped off the field. (Early word is a partially torn MCL, he'll be out 2 to 4 weeks.)

So, a despondent, injured Vince goes home to relax and prepare for his MRI on Monday. But, he abruptly left his apartment around 7pm without his cell phone, which prompted his friends to call Jeff Fisher to explain the situation. Whatever they said freaked Fisher out enough to call the Nashville police and put out an all points bulletin on Vince's SUV, citing fear for VY's mental health and safety.

Eventually, they did find Vince and after he met with Fisher at the Titans facilities and the Nashville Police, the concerns were found to be "baseless." Though personally, I'd love to know what was said in that initial call to Fisher, because if it's enough to get the entire NPD looking out for you, something with that kid ain't quite right.